Tuesday, February 12, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Taking on a creative challenge! Thanks, Heather for turning me on to the 30 day blog challenge.  It should be fun.  Hopefully, I'll keep up with it.  Today's challenge: List 10 random things about yourself.
  • I've lived in the same city my whole life.  Some might think that's boring, and sometimes it can be, but I like having roots.  My whole family is here (parents, sibling, aunts, uncles, cousins).  I really can't imagine living anywhere else at this point in my life.
  • I'm a game show junkie. I LOVE them! I watch at least 2 or 3 a day and will often DVR them if I can't watch them.  I love GSN (Game Show Network) and it drives my hubby a little crazy sometimes.  One of my life goals is to get on Jeopardy.  
  • I love purses and have a weakness for Vera Bradley.
  • I've never been to Disney World, but plan to go for my 40th birthday.  Only 3 years to go.  I will be the biggest kid there!!  I can't wait to embarrass my (then) 14 year old daughter! LOL
  • I love to read and have so many books and I just keep acquiring more. Getting a Kindle this past Christmas has not helped my booking hoarding habit.  I also have a list of "to reads" a mile long. My idea of a perfect vacation would be a beach, a pile of books, iced coffee, and a babysitter for 4 hours every afternoon.  Favorite books include, but are not limited to: The Bible, Love Comes Softly, The Chronicles of Narnia series, To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Speaking of coffee, I love the stuff!  It's truly a gift from God, as is chocolate!
  • My favorite movie of all time is It's A Wonderful Life.  I know it's always considered a Christmas movie, but it's really not.  Most of the movie doesn't take place at Christmas.  I also love The Sound of Music, Amazing Grace, and Finding Nemo.
  • I have 3 children, Elizabeth Claire, age 11, Ian David, age 9, and Ryan Marcus, age 2. Being a mom is the best!
  • My middle name is Eileen, after my mother's sister, Dorothy Eileen.
  • I have 2 cats named Squiggy and Lucy.  They keep life interesting.
Random picture of Squiggy wearing a scarf:


  1. Ten random facts is a lot easier to do at this stage of your blog than at mine. LOL! I have eight years worth of random there. I have probably repeated myself more than once.

    It's funny, I never would have thought I would leave Bristol either. Yet here I am, 11 years in Florida next month. Sometimes you just don't know what He has in store for you or why, but I never would have met my husband without making that move.

    You will not be the biggest kid at WDW. Trust me. ;-)

    It's a Wonderful Life is one of my very favorite movies too. =)

    1. If God gave us a big, flashing neon sign that He wanted us to go somewhere else, we would in a second (especially after the 3 feet of snow we got this weekend), but we both grew up with our grandparents close by and realize a lot of kids now don't have that and want that for our kids. It's a special part of childhood we don't want them to miss out on.

      I may or may not be the biggest kid, but I plan on having the time of my life. I can already see Ellie rolling her eyes! LOL It's going to be a blast!!

  2. I finally added your blog to my 30 day challenge list. I'm sorry it took so long. :-(

    1. Don't apologize! Just glad to have you! :)